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Licensing Information & Faq’s

NOTE: you can not add your songs to Youtube Content ID if you don’t own the instrumental. Leasing Rights (Mp3 File) When it comes to basic rights this is the same type of rights most artists will know of. It comes with the basic structures of what you need. If you’re familiar and buy beats online often, you have probably stumbled across these rights. We offer a lot more than our competitors with a basic Lease. With a basic Lease you also gain the right to sell up to 500 copies in Mixtapes, Album , EP & Shows. You can also use the the Lease for Youtube & Music Video purposes. If your’re going to exceed this limit we highly advise you to purchase a Unlimited Lease or Exclusive.

Unlimited Rights (Wav Trackout)

This is the better choice for those of you willing to pay the extra $100. Unlimited rights actually come with the right to sell Unlimited  units! It’s just a little bit more expensive while still being affordable & with a Unlimited rights. On top of that you can make as much money as you want from performance revenues and get on Unlimited  radio station’s rotation list and Sell Unlimited Mixtapes. Unlimited is not exclusive. Its just a unlimited lease.

Exclusive Licence (Mp3, Wav,Trackouts,Agreement & Royalties)

This is the best choice for those of you willing to pay the extra $1000 -$1500+. Exclusive rights actually come with the right to sell Unlimited units! Not only that but you can now register a song you create with the beat with Ascap or BMI so you can start getting royalties. Producer and artist will share evenly the remainder of whatever points or percentage is left. You can make as much money as you want from performance revenues and get on Unlimited radio station’s rotation list and Sell Unlimited Mixtapes & Albums. Exclusive doesn’t mean you own the copyrights to the instrumental! Only the beatmaker maintains copyright to the original instrumental.

Faq’s & Terms Of Agreement


When you lease a beat from a producer, you are granted non-exclusive rights to it. Non-exclusive rights grants you “partial” access to use the beat. The producer retains exclusive rights to the beat, and may continue leasing the beat or sell exclusive rights to other artists. Think of the beat lease as the producer “lending” you the beat temporarily. Or you are renting the beat. You may use the beat to create your song, and you have limited rights to it. If you decide that you would like to own the beat at any point, you can always purchase exclusive rights to it if the producer offers this.

Distribution Limit

When you lease a beat, you also agree to something called a distribution limit. A distribution limit is simply a cap on the number m pops cy of copies of the song you can sell. A very common distribution limit is 500 – 2,000 copies. This means that, after leasing a beat, you may record your vocals on it to create your song, and distribute up to 500 copies of this song. (At 4FOURPLAY ENTERTAINMENT, you are given 500 distributions under a standard lease.) A distribution is defined as any physical transfer of the song to another person for profit or non-profit. This includes, but is not limited to: A CD Sale An iTunes Sale Giving Song Away On a Mixtape Sending Song in an Email Ect… Any time you physically transfer the audio file of the song to another person, this counts as a distribution. Streaming plays on YouTube, Reverb Nation, or other similar sites do NOT count as distributions, because the audio file is not physically transferred to someone else. When you run out of distributions, your lease is over. At that point, you may either lease the beat again, or purchase exclusive rights if the beat is still available.

Length Of Lease Term

Another characteristic of a beat lease is the length of term. many artist dont know that because leases are non-exclusive, there needs to be some kind of time limit on the term of the lease. You will most likely find that the most common terms are between 1-2 years. The term starts the moment that you agree to the terms and pay for the beat, and is good for 1-2 years (or whatever the producer has set) from that day. Your leasing terms expire either when you have run out of distributions, or run out of time on your lease. Whichever comes first.


Because you have paid the leasing fee, you are able to keep 100% of the profits that you make from your distributions, unless otherwise specified by the producer.