What happens if somebody buys exclusive rights to a beat during my lease?

This is a very common concern. At 4FOURPLAY ENTERTAINMENT , if someone were to purchase exclusive rights while you are leasing a beat, you keep your rights to continue distributing your song until either (a) you run out of distributions or (b) your term expires. I cannot speak for other producers here, but I believe this is the most fair way to treat this situation.

Can my song be played on the radio during a lease?

Again, I can answer this question only for my terms at 4FOURPLAY ENTERTAINMENT. The simple answer is yes, you may submit for and receive radio play while on a lease, but the Standard Lease limits the amount of radio play to 10 spins. If your song begins to receive national attention while on a lease, I ask that you please contact me immediately so we can discuss exclusive rights or other options which would be more suitable for such a situation.

If I am on a lease with a beat, can I lease it again to receive more distributable copies?

Yes, if you are currently leasing a beat, and would like to add more distributable copies to your total, you can purchase another lease at any time. You may also purchase exclusive rights at any time, and I will deduct the amount you have spent on leasing the beat from the exclusive rights total. I hope that clears up any questions, concerns, or worries you may have had about buying beat leases on the internet.

How will I receive my beats?

Your beats will be sent to your email immediately after purchase. No more waiting!

Are the tags removed on purchased beats?

Yes! There maybe one “4FOURPLAY” tag in the intro for branding purposes, the rest are removed completely.

Do you have any free beats available?

Yes! When you sign up you get access to complementary free beats.

How do I reach the individual or party who purchased exclusive rights to your beat, to seek permission for me to release music using that exclusive instrumental sold?

You don’t have to do that because buying exclusive doesn’t cancel anyone else’s lease. They can not get mad at a cpl artist who may have used the beat on a mixtape. They already know they purchased a beat that could have been leased.

Can i get a refund?

Since www.4fourplayent.com offers non-tangible irrevocable goods ( mp3, wav and zip files) we do not issue refunds (unless stated otherwise) once the order is accomplished and the product download link is sent. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site. Doing so would open a door for fraud and we dont play that!

Can i cancel membership?

Yes you can cancel anytime. To cancel just email cancel@4fourplayent.com or text 843 421-9961. Make sure to say “Cancel My Membership Please”.

Can i get a refund on the membership?

We do not offer refunds for the reasons listed above unless specifically stated. If you forgot to cancel and were charged, let us know and we will stop billing. You can have access for remainder of the period.

Refunds will not be accepted in these situations:

1: The customer signed up, downloaded all of our content in one day, then immediately asked for a refund .

2: The customer signed up , only to remain completely inactive for several months, then decided they want a refund for the entire length of the unused membership . Just cancel and you wont be billed.

3: If the customer signs up for free trial then claims to forget that they wanted to cancel. If that happens we will stop billing. You can have access for remainder of the period.

4: The customer signed up and shared their login details, with login records showing active sessions in different cities and countries.